Dr. Shireen M Mazari

Minister for Human Rights

Dr Shireen M Mazari was PTI MNA during 2013- May 2018 National Assembly session.

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Secretary, Ministry of Human Rights

Ms. Rabiya Javeri Agha (BPS-22) is one of the senior most female officers of the Pakistan Administrative Service, Government of Pakistan.

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An Independent Human Rights Commission headed by Justice(R) Durab Patel, was established in 1993. After the election in 1993, The Human Rights Commission was converted into a cell in the Ministry of Interior to deal with Human Rights.



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MoHR Press Release Dated: 14-03-2019 Islamabad: Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari has said that we are committed to ensure the rights of every citizen adding that steps are being taken to ensure the rights of persons with disability. She said all steps have been set for formulation of plan of action to implement Incheon Strategy, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, (UNCRPD). She expressed these views while a chairing meeting of the IC/NCCWD wing of the ministry of human rights regarding the implementation of the Incheon Strategy and other international commitments pertaining to disability here in Islamabad on Thursday. Besides Director General IC, Hassan Mangi, DG HR Muhammad Arshad and other high officials of the ministry were among the attendants. The Minister was briefed about UNCRPD, Incheon Strategy and action plan for its implementation. DG IC Hassan Mangi briefed the Minister that Pakistan ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) which requires to establish mechanism to monitor implementation of the Convention by involving relevant Government Departments and Civil Society Organizations, in particular persons with disabilities and their representative organizations to fully monitor the process. It was also told that Ministry of Human Rights, being the focal Ministry has constituted a National Committee at the National level to monitor the implementation of UNCRPD and other international commitments pertaining to disabilities, including Incheon Strategy. The Committee consists of the representatives from the relevant Federal Ministries, Provincial Departments, Parliament, Civil Society, DPOs/CBOs/NGOs and relevant UN Agencies. The meeting was further told that availability of reliable current statistical data with regard to persons with disabilities was considered as a major challenge while responding to various indicators of the survey. It is pertinent to mention that the Government of Pakistan has to provide data and other information for the final review of Incheon Strategy, expected in 2021. Draft Action Plan envisions interventions to facilitate the Government of Pakistan for collection of data and information by the relevant Federal and Provincial Departments has been shared with the relevant stakeholders for their ownership and finalization. The Minister was also apprised that Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has conveyed commitment to collect data on Incheon Strategy Goal 1 & 8 in their upcoming “Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurements (PSLM) Survey (2019-20)”. However, Pakistan Labour Force Survey Questionnaire will be modified with the relevant part to collect the data on Goal 4 of the Incheon Strategy Action Plan – while planning its next survey. It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan Health and Demographic Survey (2017-18) first time collected data on disability by using Washington Group of Question

MoHR Press Release Dated: 11-03-2019 Islamabad: Head of Delegation International Committee of the Red Cross in Pakistan, Mr Reto Stocker has called on the Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen M Mazari here in Islamabad on Monday. On this occasion, various issues related to human rights were discussed including the issue of the Pakistani prisoners abroad and protection of their rights. She also raised the issue of Shakirullah, a Pakistani prisoner who was tortured and killed under state patronage in Indian jail. She said India has failed to protect right to life of Pakistani prisoner. Dr Mazari drew attention of stoker towards the sufferings of the Pakistani prisoners in the jails of foreign countries despite completing their sentences. She stressed on the need to resolve the issues of Pakistani prisoners abroad. During the meeting, Shireen Mazari said we are taking pragmatic steps to ensure the protection and provision of human rights and apprised the delegation about the steps which have been taken. She said we are focussed on the implementation of existing laws and also paying attention to devise new legislation. She stated we are working on various new bills including the Anti Torture and Custodial Death; these bills will be tabled in parliament soon. She shared that we are also building up human rights related data base. ICRC Head of Delegation appreciated the endeavors of incumbent government especially the Ministry of Human Rights for the protection and promotion of human rights and assured his full support and cooperation in the cause and protection of human rights.

MoHR Press Release Dated: 05-03-2019 Islamabad: Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. shireen M Mazari said that it is state’s responsibility to protect the rights of every citizen particularly the rights of women, children and minorities. She said that incumbent Government is determined to ensure the human rights and all utmost efforts are carried out in this regard. She emphasised that as a nation responsibility also lies with us and we need to change our mindset to safeguard the human rights especially the rights of women. She asserted that we need to acknowledge and consider the status and role of women in society. She was addressing the Seminar on Living with Dignity: Post Shelter Integration of Women Survivors of Violence organized by Rozan in collaboration with National Commission on the Status of Women here in Islamabad on Tuesday. The purpose of the seminar was to promote evidence base advocacy dialogue and to share finding from a qualitative research study, titled “Against all odds: Post shelter lives of women survivors of violence” to fill the gap in knowledge by investigating the post-shelter trajectories of women survivors of violence. Shireen Mazari while giving the key note speech at the seminar welcomed civil society support including for bringing in field experience of working with the shelter and informing policies and programming. She highlighted that Ministry is also going to put more emphasis on securing inheritance rights for women so as to ensure economic empowerment. She shared that Ministry of Human Rights Ministry along with the law ministry has formalized distress and detention fund and it will be available for use by the public. She also emphasized on the role of helpline running under Human Rights Ministry in playing its role in addressing violence against women. She recommended that we need to rethink our approach towards violence against women and emphasised on protection with dignity. She emphasized on the importance of introducing innovative approaches for skill building in the government run shelters homes. She shared that government is looking at public private partnerships to bring innovative approaches to shelters so as to support economic independence of women survivors. She welcomed the regularity procedures recommendation for shelters and their proper implementation by the participants for the Ministry. Dr Mazari said The Ministry of Human Rights is working with Ministry of Law to develop a systematic structure for provision of probono legal services and assistance to vulnerable especially women. Dr Mazari said we are bringing new law to protect the women s right to inheritance, we are working with the law ministry and it will be tabled in parliament soon. She said we are focused to empower the women protect their rights and bringing them in mainstream. She said we have redrafted bill to protect the rights of persons with disabilities, bill has been referred it to the relevant standing committee. We need to have overall holistic approach to implement the existing laws. Shireen Mazari said, we are taking concrete measures not only to implement prevailing laws, but also to introduce new legislation besides awareness raising campaigns to change the mindset of the society including motivation to ensure documentation through registration of births and marriages. She said that they were focused on to protect rights of citizen especially the deprived section of the society particularly the rights of children and women. Human Rights Ministry also running the women shelter adding that steps are being taken to ensure the provision of facilities to the women at the centre. She further said that government making efforts to improve human rights situation, besides concrete measures to educate women. In this regard, government has already started awareness drive regarding the women’s right to inheritance adding that another drive to protect child abuse is also running. We are committed to safeguard the rights of our citizens especially the rights of women. The seminar was attended by distinguished guest including Her Excellency Ms Margaret Adamson Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Chairperson Punjab Commission on the Status of Women, Ms. Hina Jillani. Ms. Khawar Mumtaz Chairperson National Commission on the Status of women welcomed Rozan’s initiative to fill the knowledge gap about women’s experience of life after leaving shelters that provided temporary succour in times of distress. The findings of study were presented by Dr Maria Rashid, Rozan Advisor. The study put forth important recommendations for the government’s consideration.

MoHR Press Release Dated: 05-03-2019 Islamabad: While appreciating the Pakistan Navy for detecting an Indian submarine and thwarting the foil attempt to enter Pakistani water on Monday night, Federal minster for human rights Dr. Shireen Mizari condemned the Indian violation and appreciated the Pakistan Navy for exposing the covert and furtive adventurism by India and probing the deterrence at tactical levels. Federal minister said that Modi government has been fully exposed. She said whole the Nation stood united with our Armed Forces. Dr. Shireen Mazari warned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to refrain from war hysteria with Pakistan. Indian has planned to plant this war against Pakistan regardless of all kind of consequences. Since 2016 it is second attempt by India trying to enter in Pakistan and detected by Pakistan navy by utilizing its professional and vigilant skills. Dr. Mazari made it clear to Indian PM Modi that his war mongering was over now with Pakistan’s Nasar and Cruise missiles having capacity for befitting response to any misadventurism or attack of Indian forces in Pakistan. She urged that someone in India should really explain to Modi government that with Pakistan’s Nasr and Cruise missiles. She said Indian’s cold start doctrine’s brinkmanship strategy is non-viable with Modi as Modi is on a suicide mission for India. Federal Minister further said that Pakistan believes in peace and prosperity but India should not take the peace message of Pakistan as our weakness. We are determined and united to take care of each inch of this land. Indian should refrain from war if it wants to achieve peace and prosperity for the people of this region, she said. She said that Modi was testing Pakistan’s deterrence at tactical level but reminded him of that it was over adding that Pakistan has exposed the Modi’s war stricken nefarious thoughts and termed it a serious threat to peace efforts made by Pakistan in the region. Dr. Mazari also appreciated Pak Navy’ efforts that uncovered Indian submarine in Pakistani Waters. "Pak Navy detected Indian sub in our Waters forcing it to return-2nd time since Nov 2016," she said. She condemned the malicious thoughts and thinking of PM Modi of imposing war on peaceful region. Pakistan has the best capacity to respond to any Indian aggression and it is what has made Pakistan so strong, Dr Mazari further said.

MoHR Press Release Dated: 03-03-2019 Islamabad: Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen M Mazari met with the representatives of the Malala Fund here in Islamabad on Sunday. They discussed the human rights related matters particularly for the protection of women and children including the human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Minister apprised them about the initiatives and activities relating to protection of rights of women and children. She also appreciated the commitment and efforts of Malala for the education of girls especially refugee children. During the meeting, she also drew Malala’s attention to highlight the violation of international humanitarian laws by Indian forces including massive human rights abuses and use of pellet guns on women and children in IoK.


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