• Review of human rights and protection of labour rights situation in the country including implementation of laws, policies and measures.
  • Coordination of activities of Ministries, Divisions and Provincial Governments in respect of human rights and facilitation of functions relating to Human Rights.
  • Initiatives for harmonization of legislation, regulations and practices with the international human rights covenants and agreements to which Pakistan is a party and monitoring their implementation.
  • Obtaining information, documents and reports on complaints and allegations of human rights violations from Ministries, Divisions, Provincial Governments and other agencies.
  • Referring and recommending investigations and inquiries in respect of any incident of violation of human rights, including rights of the disadvantaged and child rights.
  • Pursuing or defending issues, complaints representations and matters for and against Pakistan relating to human rights before any official or non-Governmental organizations, body or forum in Pakistan and, in consultation with Foreign Affairs Division, before any international organization and foreign Government or non-Governmental organization.
  • Representation of Pakistan in international bodies, organizations and conferences relating to human rights in consultation and conjunction with Foreign Affairs Division.
  • Developing and conducting information programmes to foster public awareness about human rights including the rights of labour, women and children and laws and remedies available to them.
  • Formulating programmes for teaching of human rights at educational institutions.
  • Provision of facilities for professional and technical training at national and international level relating to human rights issues.
  • Administrative control of the tribunal for disadvantaged persons.
  • Monitoring and review of Human Rights NGOs.
  • Representing Pakistan at international and bilateral level, involving all gender related matters.
  • Administration of the National Commission on the Status of Women Bill, 2012.
  • Administration of the National Commission for Human Rights Act, 2012.
  • Administration of the National Commission for Child Welfare and Development Resolution, 1981.


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