Establishment of National Institute of Human Rights, Islamabad

  1. Establishment of National Institute of Human Rights, Islamabad


  • The Prime Minister approved “Action Plan for Human Rights” on 13th February, 2016. One of the remarkable actions under Action Plan was establishment of “National Institute of Human Rights (NIHR), Islamabad” with budgetary allocation of Rs.250.0 million through PSDP.
  • PC-I of the project was approved by DDWP on 7-11-2017 at total cost of 70 million.

Objectives of NIHR

  1. To establish a principal government institution dealing with policy and legal interventions for entire spectrum of human rights framework through capacity building, research and development;
  2. To develop capacities not only for government stakeholders including Provincial Human Rights Departments but also the private sector organizations and civil society.
  • To undertake capacity building through short- term and long- term training courses for relevant public and private sector stakeholders in the field of human rights;
  1. To ensure incorporation of national, regional and international perspectives of human rights into sectoral polices, programs and legal framework development;
  2. To examine inter- dependence and linkages between human rights and democracy, development, peace and harmony at the national and international levels;
  3. To conduct research on the issues of human rights and publish research work, books, journals on human rights;
  • To support Parliamentary Business and Standing Committees;

Activities Start under NIHR


Since project staff has not yet been recruited by the Ministry due to various technical reasons; thus the “Development Wing” has initiated following activities with a small team:

  • Consultations on Charter, role and Rules of Business of NIHR-Provinces and CSO/ NGOs
  • MIS on Human Rights data collection with support of Provincial Governments.
  • International Conference on Human Rights
  • Open Government Partnership (OGP)


  1. National Policy Framework on Human Rights
  2. National Guidelines on Citizen Engagement in Policy Formation and Implementation

Director: Mr. Muhammad Kashif Kamal (Director, NIHR), Tel: 9221700

Focal Person: Ms. Rukhsana Omer (DD, NIHR), Tel: 9216817


State Life Building No. 5, Blue Area,
Jinnah Avenue, China Chowk, Islamabad


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