Establishment of National Institute of Human Rights, Islamabad

Establishment of National Institute of Human Rights, Islamabad

Ministry of Human Rights upon approval of Action plan for Human Rights on 13th February, 2016 established a Project titled “National Institute of Human Rights (NIHR)”.

The major functions of the NIHR includes; Research & Development, Training & Capacity Building of Public and Private Stakeholders, Communication & Publication, Study Gaps & State Commitments, Review of Policy and Legal Reforms, Advocacy & Awareness through Media & other ways; Human Rights Education & Development through new Programs and Projects for Protection & Promotion of Rights.

The Institute would evolve as guiding center for development strategies and programs for the protection of Human Rights. It would serve as a common platform and resource center for public and private stakeholders particularly Civil Society Organizations, NGOs and other Human Rights organizations.

Major objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. To establish a principal government institution dealing with policy and legal interventions for entire spectrum of human rights framework through capacity building, research and development.
  2. To develop capacities not only for government stakeholders including Provincial Human Rights Departments but also the private sector organizations and civil society.
  3. To undertake capacity building through short- term and long- term training courses for relevant public and private sector stakeholders in the field of human rights.
  4. To ensure incorporation of national, regional and international perspectives of human rights into sectorial polices, programs and legal framework development.
  5. To examine inter- dependence and linkages between human rights and democracy, development, peace and harmony at the national and international levels.
  6. To conduct research on the issues of human rights and publish research work, books, journals on human rights.
  7. To support Parliamentary Business and Standing Committees.

Director: Mr. Muhammad Kashif Kamal (Director, NIHR), Tel: 9221700

Focal Person: Ms. Rukhsana Omer (DD, NIHR), Tel: 9216817




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