Implementation of Action Plan for Human Rights in Pakistan

  • One of the Actions of “Action Plan on Human Rights” is establishment of “Implementation Cell” for facilitating and looking after the progress and activities of Action Plan.
  • PC-I of the project was approved by DDWP on 7-11-2017 at a total cost of Rs.57.50 million.

Main objectives of the project:


  1. To promote human rights education, sensitization, advocacy, research and communication.
  2. To formulate and implement national human rights programmes and coordination with the Federal and Provincial stakeholders to implement Action Plan on Human Rights.
  3. To launch awareness and advocacy campaign on rights of women, children minorities and vulnerable persons i.e. People with Disabilities, transgender and senior citizens for behavioral change in the society.
  4. To take new initiatives for protection and promotion of human rights.
  5. To act as Secretariat of National Task Force for implementation of the Action Plan for Human Rights.
  6. To work as permanent mechanism for implementation of Human Rights related programs, projects, plans strategies and policies in the country.


State Life Building No. 5, Blue Area,
Jinnah Avenue, China Chowk, Islamabad


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