Implementation of Action Plan for Human Rights in Pakistan


Implementation of Action Plan for Human Rights in Pakistan

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has approved Action Plan on Human rights on 13 February, 2016. The Plan of Action is a comprehensive document identifying key areas of intervention, suggesting steps, action and also the responsible agencies for implementation.

In the plan of Action it is essential to establish a cell for facilitating and looking after the progress and activities of this action. Since the Ministry of Human Rights is the main leading Ministry for coordinating on the subject of Human Rights, therefore, the implementation cell will be established with in the Ministry of Human Rights.  The Implementation of the “Action Plan on Human Rights” will facilitate the process of its implementation and coordinate with all stakeholders mentioned in the Plan. The project cell will also record implementation progress. It will act as the secretariat for the Task Force for the implementation of Action Plan and conduct its meetings. It will also monitor the activities under AP and prepare reports on its progress.


Objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. To coordinate among various stakeholders and facilitate them in the process of implementation of Action Plan on Human Rights.
  2. To implement the decisions of the National Task Force on Human Rights.
  3. To write reports (annually and by-annually) on progress and implementation of Action Plan.
  4. To facilitate different stakeholders in training and capacity building for the implementation of AP.
  5. To create awareness regarding Human Rights and AP.
  6. To work as permanent mechanisms for implementation of human rights related programs, projects, plans and policies in the country.




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