In order to facilitate working parents, especially mothers, a day-care center for kids aged between one and five years has been set-up by the Ministry of Human Rights at the Ministry’s premises since 1997. It not only provides caring environment for toddlers but also furnishes pre-school learning to young ones. The Ministry has employed one instructor and two Ayaas and the task of overall supervision of the Center has been assigned to a Senior Officer of the Ministry.

The Center offers congenial and enabling environment for kids which is critical for early growth of their physical and mental faculties. Children are engaged in various games and learning activities to minimize aggression and maximize positivity in them. The Center is replenished with toys, furniture, children movies, etc. on regular basis.

Being a government-run facility, the Daycare Center offers its services free-of-cost for kids of 1-14 grade employees of Human Rights Division. However fee for kids of BPS-15 to BPS-22 officers of the Division as well as other Govt officials (out of this Ministry) is Rs. 200 per month.

To provide children with a protective environment, round-the-clock surveillance of the Center through cameras, which have been installed in all rooms of the Center, is carried out. A senior officer of this Ministry has been assigned this monitoring role. Hygiene is important and is seriously taken care of at the Center. Wooden flooring and glass wall have made it easier to ensure cleanliness. A sweeper has been tasked for cleanliness of the Centre.  



State Life Building No. 5, Blue Area,
Jinnah Avenue, China Chowk, Islamabad


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