Devising and Putting Forth Women Centered Laws

PROJECT:    Devising and Putting Forth Women Centered Laws and
Capacity Building of Prosecutors and Court Officials
The Ministry of Human Rights, Islamabad in collaboration with Aurat Foundation’s (AF) Gender Equity Program (GEP) with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched the project “Supporting Ministry of Human Rights in devising and putting forth Women Centered Laws and Capacity Building of Prosecutors and Court Officials.” For this purpose MOU was signed between Ministry of Human Rights and Aurat Foundation on 26th February, 2014 and letter of grant was signed on 30th December, 2014. The Project has been extended till May, 2017.The  projects objectives that are given below;

•                     Enhance the mandatory role and institutional capacity of the Ministry

•                     To promote a women friendly image of the Ministry

•                     Undertake research on barriers and recommendations for improving access to justice for women with disabilities and from religious minorities

•                     Review existing women centered laws and draft women focused bills including mainstreaming rights based issues of religious and ethnic minorities and women with disabilities

•                     To sensitize prosecutor and court women specific laws enabling a gender responsive mechanism

Database of Prosecutors, Court Officials and Advocates
Name                                                                               Contact Detail
1.      Abdul Wahab (Special Public Prosecutor)                  03335398005
2.      Asad Khan (LD/Court Official)                                 03459243256 
3.      Farah Hassan (Adv HC/Prosecutor)                           03235231080 
4.      Farah Naz Awan (Adv HC)                                       03365005309
5.      Fozia Azhar (LO,MoHR)                                           03335236005 
6.      Shahida Sukhera (LO,MoHR)                                    03345081141
7.      Munawar Iqbal Duggal (Barrister)                              03006441142
8.      Usman Shahzad (Adv)                                               03335399822
9.      Ch. Faisal (Adv)                                                         03348524259
10. Anila Hidayat (Adv)                                                   03155548541 
11. Sohail Abbassi (Adv)                                                  03475154220
12. M.Ishaq (Adv)                                                              03005614028
13. Tahira Qudoos (Adv HC)                                           03425500864
14. Nazra Abbasi (Adv)                                                    03365417603
15. Sharafat A Chaaudhry (Legal Consultant)                 03088866781
16. Haider Ali (Court Official)                                         03355813962
17. M.Imran (Court Official)                                            0336545826
18. Khawar Ryaz Qadri (Adv HC)                                  03009564219
19. A.R Ahsan      (Adv HC)                                            03155408999
20. Rana Ali Raza (Adv HC)                                           03348778901
21. Shehla (LO)                                                                03075222867 
22. Asima Chaudhry (LO)                                                03365166760
23. Mubeen Ali Husnain (Adv)                                        03338540161
24. Rizwan Sabir (Adv)                                                    03315895806
25. Majid Ali (Adv)                                                          03325261046
26. M.Raza (IBA)                                                             03336537789
27. Rao Abdul Raheem (IBA)                                          03345375607
28. Uzma Aslam Mughal (Adv HC)                                 03335371693 
29. Saiqa Azam(Adv HC)                                                03228538189 
30. Sardar M.Asif Khan (Adv      )                                   03002988575 
31. Sheikh Amir Sohail(Adv HC)                                    03215149549
32. Saeed Ahmed Aseer (Adv District Court)                 03336757476
33. Tahir (Adv)                                                                 03137979078
34. Tanveer (Adv)                                                             03219496290
35. Ahmed Ali Kasoori (Adv)                                          03334935920
36. Saima Jabeen (Adv)                                                    03009877564 
37. Murtaza Ayaz (Adv District Court)                           03455900882
38. Isa khan (Reader/Court Official)                                03459303234
39. Manzar Kayani(Adv)                                                  03360015283
40. Umair Mansoor (Adv)                                                03445483984
(*Adv-Advocate, *HC =High Court,*IBA=Islamabad Bar Association,*LO = Legal Officer)