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  1.  The Ministry of Human Rights  is managing and operating Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Human Rights Centre for Women in Islamabad.
  2. Victims of violence can share their sufferings in strict confidentiality with volunteers and social of pain and humiliation. The Centers is equipped with facilities including free medical, legal, and Shelter Home.



  1. Violence against women is intolerable and calls for your support in combating the passive acceptance of this crime. Let us make a beginning by changing perceptions. “Zero tolerance violence against women”



  1.   Medical Aid
  2.    Legal Aid
  3.  Social Counseling
  4.  Community Meeting
  5.   Psychological Counseling
  6.   Investigation of case of Violence
  7.   Rehabilitation through skill training
  8.    Establishing linkages with law enforcing/agencies/police complaint cells


  1.  Media Talks
  2.  Awareness Raising Session
  3. Out Reach Visits.
  4. Community Meeting.


Services of Shelter Home

Shelter Home is designed to increase victim and child safety, promote batterer accountability and effect positive change in the perception of domestic violence within the community. Services are aimed at addressing the spectrum of domestic violence by providing immediate safety and shelter and psycho-educational counseling as well as advocacy and education. Strategically focused programs have been developed that address those issues which, when resolved, allow clients to move forward with their lives.Women are seeking temporary accommodation for three months in shelters for reasons other than abuse. These include housing problems, legal issues, rehabilation, medical problems and mental health issues. There are currently 50 beds in the Shelter Home for domestic violance survivors. Trainings are offered to build client support systems and strengthen family units. Shelters meet the basic needs of families with food, clothing and emergency funds as needed. To foster self- sufficiency, all programmes are required to provide child care services, vocational counseling and referral for special needs.

 Services Available in Shelter Home

  1.        Shelter home provides temporary accommodation to women and children.
  2.        Provision of free accommodation, food and other basic necessities.
  3.        Medical aid is provided.
  4.        Legal aid is provided.
  5.        To provide education to the survivor children.
  6.      To impart professional vocational training.
  7.         Job counseling to the shelter survivors.
  8.         Social counseling to maintain relationships to adjust in society.
  9.         Psychological counseling to overcome depression, anxiety and stress of trauma.
  10.          Individual counseling to those who need attention and confidentiality from others.
  11.         Daily group-sessions and physical exercise to cope up with psychological problems.
  12.    Group counseling to provide guidance, encouragement, challenge and inspiration to the clients in managing and resolving    practical, personal and relationship issues achieving goals and self-realization.
  13.          Investigation of cases of violence and case history.
  14.          Family counseling for reconciliation.
  15.     Rehabilitation of survivors of violence and women in distress.


    Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Human Rights Centre for Women, Sector H-8/1, St # 04, PitrassBukhari Road, Near City School, Ministry of Human Rights, Islamabad. 

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