Name:       Model Child Welfare Centre, Hummak, Islamabad



Model Child Welfare Centre, Hummak, Islamabad emerged in 1987-1988 for the physical, mental and social development of children under the supervision of Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education, Islamabad; responsible to Build & Translate practice knowledge and evidence into Child Welfare Excellence. The main activities of Centre include pre-school nursery classes, facilitating out of school children age ranging 6 to 12 years through non-formal means of education to help bring them in mainstream education, maternal and child health, preventive health services and vaccination etc. Activities are also undertaken to educate mothers with regard to health, growth and socialization of children.  


(i) Creation of Awareness among parents and the people of Model Village about Child Care & Development.

(ii) Surveillance and monitoring the health of mothers and children of area through Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Services.

(iii) Strengthening existing services for children and their mothers and set up new services for children (0-5 years) in different areas i.e: Counseling services for school going children to avoid incidence of school dropout.





Accomplishments for last two years:


             A purpose-built building of Model Child Welfare Centre Hummak is working for the development of Pre-school children and Out of School/ dropout children through non-formal means of education. Field visits and community awareness programs are also in progress.

  •   Total number of students enrolled : 68.
  •  Commencement of annual examination and result declaration.
  • 14th August was celebrated in Centre, which allowed children to  participate in different programs to show love towards their country.
  • Eid Milan party  was arranged for children, to celebrate our Islamic festival.
  • Milad was arranged in which children  and their mothers took part wholeheartedly, and payed tribute to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • Monthly home visits were arranged to encourage parents about child education, and our services of maternal & child health.
  • Mother / maternal counseling sessions were arranged in which a smart number women participated.
  • Certain community counseling activities were arranged, including free medical camp, and training on “exclusive education”.
  • Conduction of community education based activity, which include “maiyat ka ghusal aur taqfeen k masnoon tareeqay” and “1 day work shop on child protection and its importance in collaboration with ROZAN”.
  • Recreational Youth Worker entertained 206 children in last 9 months.
  • 3 medical camps were conducted 1dental checkup and 2 general checkup.

  Future Targets

  • Income Generating Program for mothers and young girls through Skill          Development.
  • Broadening the vaccination program for HPV and Hepatitis.
  • Arrangements of Biopsy and Cervical Smear facility for early diagnosis            and prevention of Cancer.



  • Provision of Pick and drop facility for children and young girls from      adjacent areas/ villages
  •  Approval on purchase of Medicines for poor and deserving patients