Gendered Impact & Implications of Covid -19 in Pakistan

In this COVID-19 situation, women seem to be facing challenges regarding education, health, labor force participation, time use and mobility, financial empowerment, and gender-based violence. In education, women were already been deprived of it and now it has become even more difficult to have access. Likely, most of the women in Pakistan go through hurdles for accessing the health service. The reason mainly is not having transport, money, or permission to get health services.

As far as the labor force participation is concerned, women have been circumstantially dependent on small and medium working businesses that are likely to be shut down during the lockdown. The current health crisis also impacted other factors like mobility, financial empowerment and especially gender-based violence severely.

Thus, the relevant paper allows us to monitor each of the thematic areas meticulously. Also, it illustrates the policy recommendations to overcome the ongoing issues.  Read More