Criminal Law (2nd Amendment) Act, 2016

The Criminal Law (Second Amendment) Act 2016 was enacted by the Parliament on 18th of March 2016, inserting new provisions such as section 292A, 292B,292C, 328C, and 377A-377B in the Pakistan Penal Code 1860 (PPC).

Moreover, section 82 and section 83 of Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 (PPC) has also been amended establishing the age of criminal responsibility to be above the 10 years of and below the 14 years of the age if, in the opinion of the judge, he or she has attained sufficient maturity. Before the amendment, the gap was between 7 to 12 years of age. Whereas, sections 292A, 292B and 292C criminalize exposure of children to seduction and child pornography, respectively.

Further, cruelty to the child must be penalized under section 328C of the PPC. Where cruelty has been defined as willfully assaulting a child, ill-treatment, neglecting or abandoning a child, or any act that leads to, or can potentially lead to, physical or psychological injury to a child.

Lastly, sexually abusing a person below the age of 18 or human trafficking shall be made punishable under section 377A-377B.Read More