Human Rights Awareness Programme


  1. Name of the Project:                         Human Rights Awareness Programme


  1. Total Value/Approved Cost:           Rs.55.0 million


  1. Allocation for 2019-20:                     Rs.20.0 million



  1. Brief Description:


This project has been developed to create human rights awareness in targeted districts. The project shall contribute to improve democracy and leadership, facilitate access to justice and enable people to know their rights as humans.  Objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. To increase the people’s understanding and knowledge about respect of human rights in Islam and fundamental human rights enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan and domestic national laws for human rights;


  1. To sensitize rural and urban communities for behavioral change towards certain human rights issues particularly gender based violence;


  1. To develop communication strategy to address major human rights issues particularly violence against women, women’s inheritance rights, child abuse, transgender, minorities and PWDs etc.


  1. Awareness on international human rights principles, protection mechanism and democratic governance for a peaceful society;


  1. To promote tolerance and respect for human rights and inter-faith harmony to combat religious intolerance for a peaceful society;


To disseminate information on human rights in schools, colleges, universities and public & private sector organizations.