Directorate General of Special Education (DGSE) was established in 1985 as an attached department of the Ministry of Health, Social Welfare & Special Education through a Directive of the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Afterwards in August, 2019 DGSE was transferred to Ministry of Human Rights as its attached department. After 18th amendment the DGSE is now functioning at ICT Level only.




The mandate of DGSE is to provide:-


  • Education
  • Training
  • To Rehabilitate Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)




The DGSE is performing following major functions:-


  1. To establish model institutions for rehabilitation, special education and training, community based rehabilitation, pre-vocational training and vocational skills development for persons with disabilities


  1. Awareness raising and training to the professionals and public


  1. To prepare and execute policy and plans for Persons with Disabilities


  1. Medical treatment and rehabilitation services for Persons with Disabilities





The DGSE is rendering following services through its Special Education Centre/ Institutions/ Offices:-

  1. Assessment, Diagnosis and Referral Services for children with disabilities
  2. Academic/ Educational and Vocational/ Technical Trainings (Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary  and Degree level)
  3. Free transport facility for students
  4. In-service training for professionals in the field of special education
  5. Specialized Hearing Assessment, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Music Therapy
  6. Braille, Mobility Training and Daily Living Skills
  7. Pre-vocational & Vocational Training
  8. Curriculum Development and Modification for Differently-abled Persons
  9. Model/ Mobile Library 
  10. Promoting sports and recreational activities
  11. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
  12. Free boarding & lodging




            Following Special Education Centres/ Institutions’ are presently working under the Directorate General of Special Education, Islamabad

  1. Rehabilitation Center for Children with Developmental Disorders, H-8/4, Islamabad
  2. National Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children, H-9/4, Islamabad. (up to Graduation level)
  3. National Special Education Centre for Visually Handicapped Children, G-7/2, Islamabad
  4. National Special Education Centre for Physically Handicapped Children, G-8/4, Islamabad
  5. National Training Centre for Special Persons, G-9/2, Islamabad.
  6. National Institute of Special Education, H-8/4, Islamabad.
  7. National Braille Press, G-7/2, Islamabad
  8. National Library and Resource Centre, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
  9. National Mobility and Independence Training Centre, H-8/4, Islamabad
  10. Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons, H-8/4, Islamabad