Institutional Strengthening of MoHR


  1.  Name of the Project:                        Institutional Strengthening of MoHR


  1. Total Value/Approved Cost:           Rs.59.7 million


  1. Allocation for 2019-20:                     Rs.37.9 million



  1. Brief Description:


The project has been developed for reforming and automation of Ministry of Human Rights as per Federal Government’s strategy to improve efficiency and accountability of the Federal Government through establishment of “E-Office Suit” in Federal Ministries/ Divisions. Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has been mandated to automate all Federal Ministries/Divisions. PC-I of the project was prepared in consultation with MoITT and NITB for establishing “E-Office Application Suite’ in MoHR and approved by DDWP. Objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. To strengthen and upgrade existing ICT infrastructure of main Ministry by providing latest IT equipments, logistic support and human resource to implement E-office application.
  2. To improve internal communications and to bring efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness, transparency, and accountability in decision making.
  3. To implement E-office Application Modules for human resource, procurement, inventory, project management, budgeting & finance to enable MoHR to perform day to day office activities effectively and efficiently.
  4. To undertake strategic planning, research and new development initiatives for organizational goals and institutional objectives

To create a permanent mechanism by strengthening Development Wing of MoHR for implementation of current and future development initiatives.