4th Periodic CEDAW Report

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s fourth periodic report covers the period from January 2005 to 30 April 2009, as the combined initial, second and third report (CEDAW/C/PAK/1-3) covered the period from 1997 to 30 December 2004. In accordance with the Harmonized Guidelines on Reporting, this report has two sections. Section I addresses the concerns raised by the CEDAW Expert Committee during its deliberations in 2007. It also includes, where available, the impact of laws revised or enacted to eliminate discrimination against women since 2005.  Section II provides responses to each article of the Convention, as well as updates on legislation and programs intended to improve the legal and socio-economic situation of women. Section II also includes information on new initiatives undertaken since the combined initial, second and third report was submitted in 2005. Information on the response to the situation of women and girls in the 2005 earthquake is also provided in Section II. The report also takes account of the UN Expert Committee’s General Recommendations.Read More