Prison Reforms Report

The pertinent Report is created pursuant to the directions of the Honorable Islamabad High Court in the matter titled Khadim Hussain vs Federation of Pakistan W.P. No. 4037 of 2019. The Commission conducted extensive research in line with the Terms of Reference laid down by the Honourable Islamabad High Court. The Report produced by this Commission is divided into five sections. The first section introduces the purpose of this report wherein the terms of reference of the commission are laid out. The second section of the Report provides a brief narrative of the actions taken by the Commission in compliance of Court’s directions. The third section describes the data collected from prison authorities; and categorizes the same into relevant distinct groups. The fourth section analyses the existing prison rules considering international standards drafted by the UN and identifies gaps considering the data collected by the commission. In the last section, the Report proposes solutions and recommendations to improve the human rights’ conditions in the prisons of Pakistan in light of the Commission’s Terms of Reference.Read More