A “Helpline for Legal Advice on Human Rights Violations” has been established in the Ministry of Human Rights as PSDP project during fiscal year 2014-15 to address the issue of human rights violation in the country. Initially a UAN (111-664-775) was allocated to the Helpline, which was successfully supplanted with a short code of 1099 in November 2015.

The helpline is now a permanent part of the MoHR and it is successfully converted from development to non-development.


  1. To establish a Helpline for addressing the issues of human rights violations through legal advice.
  2. To establish grievance-redressal mechanism through referral services to the victims of human rights violations.
  3. To maintain data-base on human rights violations at national level.
  4. To facilitate and link relevant support services for the victims of human rights violations and their families.
  5. To set up a strong network and coordination mechanism among the concerned stakeholders including law enforcement agencies, service providers, media, CSOs/NGOs,  Law Colleges, Private Law Firms, Bar Associations and other organizations working in the field of Human Rights. 


A Toll-Free Number 1099 was installed to offer access to the callers from all over the country (with no cost at all) to get free legal advice, counseling, legal assistance and referral service for redressal of their grievances.

The effectiveness of the helpline largely depends on, by forming linkages with Police Departments, Judiciary, Law Colleges, Law Firms, Bar Associations and other organizations working in the field of Human Rights.

The helpline since its establishment has received almost 1 million calls till June 2021 and has provided its services in almost 50 thousand relevant cases. All relevant callers are given legal advice and referred to the relevant departments where required.

Recently a mobile app of the Helpline 1099 has been launched and in short time more than 5 thousand downloads of the App have taken place and more than 4000 cases are received through this App.

The helpline 1099 can be contacted through the following channels:

        Toll Free  Number :     1099

        Email :               

        Fax :                           051-9221710



        Address:                      8th Floor, new pak Secretariat (kohsar block) Sector f-5 islamabad

        Mobile App:               Helpline 1099 Ministry of Human Rights