Mr. Allah Dino Khowaja , Secretary, Ministry of Human Rights



Mr. Allah Dino Khowaja is a dedicated civil servant with a career spanning over 36 years, initially started from the Foreign Service of Pakistan and subsequently transitioning to the Police Service of Pakistan. Prior to his current role as Secretary in the Ministry of Human Rights, he has served in various key roles in both provincial and federal government bodies. Some notable positions he has held include Secretary of the Narcotics Control Division, Commandant of the National Police Academy, Inspector General of the National Highways and Motorway Police, and Inspector General of Police Sindh.

Throughout his extensive and distinguished career, he earned the prestigious President's Police Medal (PPM) twice, a testament to his exceptional contributions in the field of law enforcement.

His renowned career, characterized by integrity and vast experience in policing, positions him exceptionally well for the significant responsibilities he has undertaken in his present assignment.

Mr. Allah Dino Khowaja

Secretary, Ministry of Human Rights